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Projecting a credible image and delivering a message in a succinct and persuasive manner has never been more important for an organization’s representatives. Media training is fundamental for any business looking to interact with journalists. We can help you understand the local media environment and how to communicate your key messages with reporters for your next radio, TV, print or online interview.

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When dealing with the media, it is also important to include Media Training for any additional spokespeople you would like to take on that role. We can provide Media Training for the preferred spokespersons of organizations to support their plans to become more visible and consistent when approached by the media or communicating with stakeholders.

A media relations campaign will also require some media training by the internal team on how to handle the frequently asked questions, as well as some of the more difficult inquiries. The delivery of concise and honed key messages are essential when dealing with media and telling your organization’s story to the right audiences.

Internal training can also help develop the processes needed to ensure media questions are being responded to by the key spokespeople within the organization. 

Media will often try to contact random employees for a statement who may be misinformed.

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