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Telling your story with media. John D. Rockefeller said, “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you’re doing the right thing.”  Let PR Consult help you find creative ways to reach out to traditional and emerging media to tell your story.

Respond to the changing realities facing today’s media environment

For almost 20 years, PR Consult has been communicating the right messages to media that tell organizational stories. Media Relations initiatives is not only the creation and distribution of a news or press release. Media Relations is part of a larger communications plan to help your public understand who you are, what you do and why you serve. By helping share a company’s story to general, niche and emerging media, consumers learn to trust the brand and what it stands for.

Media Relations activities include hosting media junkets, group media interviews, press conferences, one-on-one interviews and backgrounder meetings with trusted members of the media. As media continues to grow and evolve, so should media outreach strategies.

Stories and their delivery are key to positive media coverage. PR Consult can help create the Media Relations strategies and the assets needed to tell your stories.

By working with clients to create opportunities to tell their story online and offline, PR Consult believes in having a great brand journalism strategy with strong stories, visuals and video assets to respond to the changing realities of today’s media environment.

Let PR Consult be the key point of contact for all your company’s media initiatives.


Traditional Media Relations

Despite what some might say, the press release is not dead. However, it does require a new twist and great storytelling. Traditional media relations with radio, television and print media continue, but include a strong emphasis on visual elements, such as video and great photography.

Edmonton’s media environment is challenging as there are fewer and fewer reporters with the ability to cover local stories. As such, brands need to grow their media library to share with reporters and pre-package stories as a form of brand journalism for them to use, online, in print and on the air.


Blogger & Social Influencer Relations

With the demise of traditional media and smaller newsrooms that leave little room for local media, Edmonton’s media environment is shifting towards more blogger-type influencers.

Blogs that focus on #YEG living, business and industry are becoming millennials’ main news sources. Bloggers often send their curated news directly to their members, requiring very little effort to search for news by the reader.

Brands increasingly need to engage niche bloggers, Instagrammers, and Twitterati for social influence. For example, the city of Edmonton created an event for Edmonton’s influential Instagrammers for the opening of the Walterdale Bridge that led to an immediate positive response from them, and their followers.


Video is rapidly becoming one of the most important ways to reach customers and potential clients online, with higher engagement and longer retention. But the easier it becomes to get video, the greater the demand for newer and fresher content grows.

We work with a number of videographers that can focus on telling the brand’s story visually, with content that will resonate with multiple audiences. The benefits of video include being able to repurpose content (b-roll) and use it over and over again, in multiple ways for different audiences.

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