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Internal and external issues can affect business for the positive, but also the negative.

A crisis can hit any business or brand by surprise at any moment, leaving it susceptible to losing staff, clients and other stakeholders thereby affecting the bottom line. Timeliness and factual response are key when working with your company’s various audiences. A well-crafted response can help prevent a crisis.

Anticipating When, Not If

Prior to being hit by a crisis, it is important for companies to be prepared. Although some damage may have already been done, there are ways to reduce the effects of a crisis on business and come out a winner. Being prepared with policies, protocol and the right approach help you respond in a timely manner.

A strong defensive and offensive strategy can help mitigate any more damage to your reputation and identify opportunities to tell your side of the story.

A lot of companies don’t think they need this, but when crisis does hit (not if), how will you respond and who can respond? Does the whole team understand what to do and would they be prepared? Know what you should say, when to say it, to whom and how you can help make your brand come out the other side with the public on your side.

PR Consult can offer crisis communications support, issues management guidance and even provide mitigation services.

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