PR Consult Services

Content Creation

“Content is king,” they say. But what does that mean for you and how can you best engage with your offline and online audiences?  

Ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across all marketing and sales materials shared with partners.

Customer Service/Sales Support

Developing some standardized responses for your team to have on hand when responding to FAQs online, in person or on the phone.

I’m all about consistency, so making sure Rig Hand is responding to its various stakeholders in a way that is in line with its branding and messaging.

Branded Videos

Videos on social media perform exponentially better than posts that include only photos or text. Creating a branded video could be part of your overall communications strategy to tell the hidden stories behind or about your brand. A short, fun branded video could also provide you with the opportunity to dip your toe into videos that fit in with your brand and help promote your brand to your various audiences.  PR Consult can help create videos for you as part of your overall communications strategy and/or as part of your social media strategy.


Content Development

Updating your website with a more elaborate story about who you are and how your product is different. I think you guys could use blog posts, as well, that will help with SEO and showcase your knowledge / expertise. This would extend to content you can use on your social channels and newsletter.

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Just a few of Our Projects

From strategic planning to media relations to media training to content development – and everything in between.