Over the holidays, we had the chance to visit with friends and spend time in the places that were important to them. The question, “So, what do you think?” was asked a few times and was likely meant to invoke praise and compliments. But, what happens when you have the consultant mindset and feel the need to provide candid feedback with the intention to help them out?

It got us to think, “Is an opinion valid? What can I hope to achieve by giving it or, even, receiving it?”

Not everyone loves feedback or reviews because it often makes them feel attacked. Arguably, people simply fear feedback. Their worst fears or deep-seeded insecurities are triggered making them feel very uncomfortable and/or inadequate.

However, it is important to receive open and honest feedback from those around you, including clients, partners and customers. It helps you better understand your brand, service and/or offering, plus understand what is good and what can be improved. The new perspective can often shine a light on an area you hadn’t ever looked at before or assumed was doing well.

Screenshot of Best in Edmonton Review of PR Consult

PR Consult was recently reviewed by Best in Edmonton as the 14 Best Branding Agencies in Edmonton which allowed us to look at our consultancy from another point of view. It gave us a new perspective on how we support clients on their branding initiatives.

Best in Edmonton is a review site that focuses on the best of local businesses, service providers, and products. The site has a broach reach, covering topics from various industries – restaurants to HVAC repairs and everything in between. Their main goal is to help readers make the best buying decisions with their third-party reviews.


The Value of Feedback

Companies that are able to get regular feedback from their stakeholders are better positioned to ward off crises that may be headed their way. By analyzing the feedback, they’re able to create products, services or measures to respond to customer complaints or emerging needs. They’re able to create content and messaging that addresses any concerns that they might have, too.

Pretending that there are no problems or that everything is perfect doesn’t make the problem go away, so it’s best to get that information to find ways to address it head on. Companies can get this information organically through Google reviews, social media comments, or staff/partner feedback. A more systematic approach is through customer service data and/or surveys. A combination of ways to gather the information works best. Its analysis is key but responding to it is absolutely essential.

There is no need to fear feedback. It is intended to help you succeed and solve problems, but also to celebrate what you and your teams are doing well. Feedback is one of the best ways to help you grow.

For our friends who casually asked our opinion on things over the holidays, they took the feedback well. Thankfully! We may even be asked back for more get-togethers this year…

We’re always happy to share our opinions with clients so you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses, plus ways you can respond to them. Feel free to contact us through the form below for support.