It’s nearly the end of 2022 which is the perfect time for a little holiday cheer and reflection. 

It has been an exciting year for PR Consult where we were able to work with some successful up-and-coming tech clients, have our first offsite since the pandemic and meet new challenges alongside the teams with which we work.

We started off the year strong with a fintech client announcing their $120 million Series B fundraising round. From Vietnam to London to Times Square, we supported the project to reach the maximum number of people to showcase the fantastic growth and value of the organization through the media, online and via video. We worked with the client’s global team in-house and offered counsel on the best global approach. 

Like many companies, we also had to advise clients on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on their business and how best to respond. By monitoring actual events and connecting the dots, PR practitioners often serve as an alarm system for businesses to prepare for crises, even those that are out of their control. In this case, one of our clients was deeply affected and we were able to counsel them on how to communicate their activities internally with staff, and externally with their clients, partners and other stakeholders.PR Consult's offsite went to Malta in 2022. The Blue Hole!

The summer was capped with an offsite trip to Malta. Albert and I discussed how to work with clients more closely, the offerings we have and the types of partnerships we share with contractors. We also did some pro-bono work with local businesses in the area by counselling them on how to improve their communications efforts to an international audience. We took some time to enjoy some scuba diving, as well, of course!

During the Lisa Laflamme debacle, we spoke to CityNews in Edmonton to give our thoughts about Wendy’s stance against age discrimination. The story was picked up across the country and we were thrilled to share our PR expertise to be part of the conversation. 

In the fall, we began working with another international client in the Insurtech space which was a new tech industry challenge. We hit the ground running with an international announcement that more than tripled the amount of coverage the company had previously seen. When our clients are happy, we’re happy but the efforts don’t end there. We look forward to continued strategic work with them and telling more creative stories that can reach new audiences in the future. 

Overall, it’s been a fantastic year and we’re thrilled to have worked with some global clients that focus on making the world a little better. We have connected with great reporters around the world, told new stories and focused on learning new things. We can only hope that 2023 will prove to be another great year with the chance to reach out to new markets, reporters and clients who put their faith in us. 

For the holidays (and if you’re tired of holiday music), we offer you the gift of an eclectic Spotify music playlist. If you look at the song titles, you’ll understand just what a PR consultancy can offer to clients. (Hint: it’s mostly peace of mind!) 


We hope you enjoy the rest of your year and wish you all the very best in 2023. We look forward to telling more of the stories that matter to your audiences and finding new ways to propel your brand forward.