Today is officially the first day of Summer which made us think about bees. Why you may ask? Flying insects are not usually sources of inspiration. Bees themselves may not be that exciting but their story certainly is. 


The busy, busy bees are the ones who pollinate the food we need to survive and pollinate many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. Bees are an essential component to our survival. There is a worldwide bee colony collapse. Bees are highly appreciated because we have been told stories that make them matter. 


Stories Add Value

PR Consult believes in the power of storytelling. We have nearly 50 years of experience in telling stories that matter for people all around the world – from South Korea to Denmark to Brazil to Canada. The power of telling the right story to the right people at the right time is powerful. Through effective storytelling, we help shift perceptions, influence actions and impact the bottom line. 

The man at the honey kiosk was an exceptional storyteller because he was authentic, knowledgeable and passionate. These are key attributes to storytelling. A humble beekeeper in a rural area, he had a story to tell. It was his story, and his alone, different from anyone else’s. That is what makes his story powerful and the way he shared it was genuine. 

As a result, we spent more money than what we originally anticipated and retold his story while enjoying his products. How many of you are guilty of the same?

You read a great article in the newspaper, in a magazine or a blog about a company and its products. Perhaps you saw a video or graphics produced that told their story visually. The story inspired you – not necessarily the product or company itself but their story. 

Fondation de France- PR Consult Storytelling

Just as the bee itself is not an exciting story: a stinging winged insect. However, its story of being a pollinator of all the plants and flora in the world necessary to our survival currently in danger of disappearing because of pollution packs a much better punch, making us care about its plight. 

The story and the characters make us care. The way the story is told makes us care. Caring will motivate us to take action…and save the bees!

If you would like PR Consult to bee your story guide to make people take notice of your company, please get in touch through our contact page or at the email below. We are always happy to provide insight and feedback based on your needs.